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Costa Mesa Carpet, Tile and Rug Cleaning Service

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Costa Mesa Carpet Cleaning Service


To clean carpet properly with high and low value you really need to know what you are looking at when it comes to carpet cleaning. That’s why all of our carpet cleaning technicians know carpet inside and out. If you don’t know how carpet is constructed, how can you clean it properly?  We take care of all our Costa Mesa customers with the highest customer service as possible. Costa Mesa is a dog community, we see a lot of pet accidents in Costa Mesa. Dog or cat urine if not treated the right way immediately will cause bacteria to grow and create an awful smell from breading bacteria. Pet odor is a sign that your carpet is being eating away by the bacteria and will soon ruin your carpets. Orange County Carpet Cleaners are here to save your investment and help you preserve your carpets for generations to come.

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Costa Mesa Rug Cleaning Service


Since a lot of Costa Mesa Residents are moving away from carpet and putting in hard surfaces in their homes we are seeing a lot more rugs needing to be cleaned. That's why we have been a great service for many Costa Mesa residents since our full rug cleaning facility is just down the street from Costa Mesa. Rug Cleaning Starts with knowing all types of rugs from all around the world. Rug manufacturers always cut corners to lessen the cost to make the rugs, and to make more profit. If a skilled rug cleaner doesn’t catch these flaws they can cause a serious disaster later. Before all cleaning we start with a rug pre Inspection so we can thoroughly identify any problems such as small and large repairs or if the rug is a bleeder. If the rug needs a quick repair we will contact the customer with the details. Otherwise we will determine the best method to clean the rug. Rug Cleaning should always take place in a properly equipped rug cleaning facility with rug experts since rug cleaning need close attention with the right environment. We hand wash all rugs never steaming rugs, since steaming rugs only cleans the top portion of the rugs and washing rugs will clean the entire rug inside and out. Washing rugs by hand is the proper way to clean a rug and has been done for thousands of years. Once the rug is done being wash we will dry the rug in our specially made rug drying room so your rug will be dried without the chance of any dye transfers and mildew growth.


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Costa Mesa Tile and Grout Cleaning


Does your tile and grout in Costa Mesa pass the white sock test? If your socks have a slight grey or even black haze to them it's time to schedule a tile and grout cleaning for your Costa Mesa home. You should always have your tile and grout cleaned at least twice a year. Dirt and bacteria can harbor in the grout lines and if you have little ones crawling or even learning to walk, clean floors are a must.


You'll never realize just how dirty your tile and grout is until its actually clean. Our extremely high pressure tile and grout steam cleaning equipment will restore your tile and grout to like new. Mopping just doesn’t reach the stubborn dirt and bacteria that lies deep in the pores of your grout lines. Call to schedule your tile and grout cleaning appointment today.





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